Day Two: Glen Gour

Glen Gour is chuffing ace and to be returned to. A big glacieted valley with beautiful trees, huge pools, drama everywhere. It was a joyous journey. I had tea and Nick had something else. 

Then it rained and we walked a lot of miles and camped somewhere odd and one of these photos is the view from my tent door. But good day, very chilled, low mileage. Whisky weed and pork pies.

Oh and I look deep and meaningful  but don’t worry, I’m not, as you all know I’m a shallow git.

Oh and we are camping immediately beneath the loudest owl on the planet. Ye gods.

6 thoughts on “Day Two: Glen Gour”

  1. Fuck. Just found out that if you navigate away to view earlier days then any comments typed but not posted are lost!
    Meant to have a chat before Le Grand Depart but was just too slow.
    Looks live things are going fine and you haven’t left anything too major behind.
    We will be following the blog for certain and use it for communicating too.
    Was it a T’wit to’whoo owl? (Tawny)
    Pork Pies?!
    Intrigued by the shaped object in your rucksack? I suppose the nights are long.
    Great photo of the pool.
    Have a fab time.
    J and C

    1. It’s my potty trowel!! Essential equipment…

      It’s funny the nights are brill. Music whisky banter and I try and write the blog up if I’m not too twatted. Nick does the same but replace the booze with weed. Genius!

  2. Keep up the blogging Pete – will be checking every day. I hope this S**t band of weather doesn’t dampen your spirits too much.

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