Days One and Two

Hard to describe the unexpected aceness of the first two days. We started with a fishing boat dropping us off at Inverie, Knoydart, and walking through the mountains to Sourlies bothy, and walking another 2 miles to camp by a Lochan. The scenery was stunning, the early parts of the Finisaig river truly beautiful. Our camp was fun fuelled as you’d expect and we enjoyed watching a man we nicknamed The Geologist put out a fire
that he had started that got a tad out of control.

A very cold night but hey had we mentioned that these two days have been unfettered sunshine, just insanely beautiful during the day, clear and cold during the night.
On day one we also met The Wanker, and Ms Pongo. Opinions of people can be quickly formed on the trail and we were happy that on day two as we entered the magnificence of Glen Dessary we bumped into Pongo, smelling her first from around 300m, upwind. We spent a very pleasant day in Pongo’s company and were grateful for her humour and attitude, not to mention tolerance of two buffoons. And undoubted mountain prowess.
Anyway, the days seemed quite hard. Day one was ‘easy’ but 1100m of ascent and 10.3 miles with a heavy sack felt like a big day. Unfortunately day 2 was 13 miles, with the same sack, turning north to join Glen Kingie, again flipping ace, so wide and open compared to the previous day, canyon like in many places. We parted two miles from the forest as Pongo had more than enough of our company and told us that she was going to bag a Munro, a fine excuse to escape our nonsensical blathering conversation, especially Nick who had partaken some edible substantiates as we walked. It also must be said that at this point we were totally shagged but still had 3 miles to go, and as for the first time we were to be walking through forest we were unsure of both water and camping spots, so we had 7 litres of water between us. Boom. Yeh. Anyway we found a totally stunning place to camp and scoffed and entered a coma, probably my earliest tine to bed in many moons: 9pm. I’m typing this in bed with my 250ml ration of whisky per night feeling very mellow as after two nights (hotel and camp) I took some pills in the need to escape the piglet noises coming from Nick’s tent. Very regular piglet, occasional wilderbeast meets farting dinosaur noises that are probably occurring 50m away as I have also elected to camp a bit away… 
But chuff me I can hear nick blowing up his chuffing air mattress; I may be too close after all. More pills. 
But the first two days have exceeded every expectation in every way. Especially the weather. 
Oh yes and my dehydrator! I need to thank the bloggers who enthused so much about them; last night I had veggie spaghetti bolognaise and it was the best meal I’ve had in the mountains… I’ve more lined up including curries and all sorts of fine shizzle made at home.
Anyway tomorrow is 17 miles. Oooh.

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