Day Nine: The Creative Process of Being Crap (and the art of more inconsistent title capitalisation).

Because we skipped a camp on Devils Point and carried onto to Derry Lodge we are a bit ahead of ourselves. It’s maybe 8/9 miles to Braemar and we are booked into a hotel there tomorrow night. So we have 9 miles to do in two days. Two smelly men could get into a lot of trouble in this situation so we yare currently (10.21am, Saturday 21st May) considering our options inside our tents with coffee listening to very heavy rainfall. Our options are:

    1. Stay here and rest, explore the forests with cameras and partake, departing tomorrow morning, or
    2. Stay here until we are bored then go to Braemar this afternoon but then what will we do tomorrow?

    So option 1 is currently the winner and we can see how creative we can be with our cameras. We are good at this, or at least we are good at thinking we are good with our cameras. The results, on careful post session analysis, usually reveal very quickly that we are crap. So maybe we are just good at enjoying the creative process of being crap? Or is it being good at enjoying being craply creative?
    List of Accomplishments achieved today before midday:
    1. I reinforced my leatherman leather case with superglue at the potential tear points

    2. I reinforced my Lee filter holder where the screw had gone AWOL, a delicate task that employed three bulldog clips and superglue

    3. I glued my Lee filter holder to the floor of the tent

    4. I polished my filter

    5. I polished it some more

    6. Made 2 coffees

    7. Stayed in bed til past midday

    8. Nick partook and floated from 10.11am to noon+

    9. We learnt that lying in the tent looking at the river is very therapeutic

    10. I glued my leatherman case to my mattress 

    11. Nick spent an hour looking at photographs of his dog.

    12. Nick fixed his clogged up bong with alcohol hand wash and was immensely pleased with the the results.

    1. Still in bed at 12.39, pissing down outside 

    2. We went out around 2pm and were crap but we did enjoy it a lot. 

    3. Will we sleep tonight?

    4. Really good day taking photos; all shit obviously. 

    5. 17.30: both of us partaking, I’ve a lovely Islay. Nick has a clean pipe.

    We will post some later but in the meantime here are 3 sketches:
    1. A bird

    2. Our campsite 

    3. The river

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    1. This is a truly excellent posting that really sums up a very happy day full of futile fun it’s true; we excell at wandering around, happily impaired taking crap pics.

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